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Bargello Supply List
► Fabric:??A word about fabric choices:

We are working with a basic Bargello design, so we will use only 9 different fabrics. For best results, choose your fabrics carefully. Since the placemats or table runner are small projects, a gradation of one or two colors will work well. Choose fabrics of different values from dark to light, and include a variety of prints and textures. You can also add one fabric as a ?pop? of color. Avoid solid fabrics.

For inspiration, Google ?Bargello quilts? or search for Bargello quilts on Pinterest. Remember, for this, your first Bargello project, keep it simple with just one or two colorways. Once you?ve learned the technique, you can go crazy later with lots of colors and fabrics in larger projects.
If you have any questions, let me know!
To optimize learning and sewing time, you will need to pre-cut 2? x WOF strips from 9 different fabrics:
For one placemat, cut 1 strip each of 9 fabrics
For four placemats or a table runner, cut 3 strips each of 9 fabrics.
Bring whatever extra fabric you have, just in case of mis-cuts

► Neutral or matching piecing thread
► Rotary cutter with fresh blade
► Large cutting mat (preferably 24? x 36?)
► 6? x 24? ruler
► Sewing machine, clean and oiled, with new needle and ?? foot
► Safety pins
► Small iron and pressing surface
► Design wall or space to lay out Bargello design
► Basic sewing supplies: fabric scissors, pins, seam ripper, etc.
► Pencil and pad for notes
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Instructor Name: